Take it to the next level


What is MANTIS ?

Thanks to 4MANTIS we revolutionize streaming on Twitch, Mixer etc... !
The 4MANTIS Deep Streaming allows to synchronize the connected objects of a Streamer with the connected objects of his Viewers. It's an application (The Bridge) that uses artificial intelligence to analyze the events of a game and translate them in the real-world thanks to different smart devices.

What do I need to start using Mantis?

To start, all you need is to :
- Install the Mantis Bridge on your computer
- Buy a Yeelight bulb (or several, no limits!)
- Connect with other users 😎 Whether you are Streamer or Viewer the goal is to establish a connection between you to share the same events and interactions in your real world. Soon many objects like Nanoleaf, Philips hue or objects using "Zigbee" protocols will be compatible with the Mantis Bridge!

Is Mantis available on all platforms?

Today Mantis is available on Windows. We are already working on dedicated versions for Playstation, Xbox and Mac, as well as an Android mobile version for viewers.

What's next? New features?

We are working on new types of interactions such as light effects, vibrations, scents and all types of smart devices (Google home, Alexa, IFTT, Zigbee). We are preparing a " Stage" version of the Bridge which will allow you to go beyond the limits of Gaming and to open up to all types of lives (DJ sets, talk-show, music & perfoming, e-sport show...). Do you have other ideas for features? Don't hesitate to join Le Discord and propose them.💡

But Mantis is revolution! How can you help the pathetic startup you are?

Buy your Yeelights! Join us on Discord and start creating the first Deep streams with us! 😎

Do I have to pay to use it?

4Mantis is completely free, just buy the Yeelight bulbs. One is enough, but two is better! When buying one, you're joining the clan and helping us to create our first ceremony with a big Streamer!